a YAWP tea with…Adam Richard

Sam does Adam Richard. Does him in a major way.
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The Magnum

The other night I had a weird thing happen. I was at a petrol station and I looked into an ice cream freezer and just stopped. You know when you see something that reminds you of someone you miss? Well, I just stared. And after a very long time I shook it off and started to walk away. I must have looked upset because at that point a really gruff looking guy said “yeah, mate, I fucking hate it when I don’t have my favourite ice cream either!” I love that guy. It made my night. The best part is we both went home with very different stories.

I was staring at a honeycomb magnum in that freezer. An amazing looking honeycomb magnum. A lot of people go for the classic. Some people mix it up but the honeycomb is the best magnum there is. I seem to remember when I first had one it had writing on the packaging that read “limited edition” and once I had it I just hoped that this was a clever ploy at marketing to get people like me to only live off honeycomb magnums before the limited run ends.

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Don’t Call It A Comeback


Another article on the Greg Fleet – a man we love to love and love to…love. X

“Got to make up for 30 years being asleep.”

Hit man


A link, to a link, of an article in The Age today on the great Greg Fleet. Read it, watch it, look at it, smell it…if you can.

“The heroin addict I play is a snapshot of what my life was like. In a way, I’m glad it’s out there because it might be dark, brutal and confronting, but it’s also reality. I look at that character and I don’t know if I sympathise with him or not. All I know is I’d never want to be him again.”

Tiny Dancer, by Sam Petersen

People repress really traumatic things in their lives. Repression is kind of way to deal with things that might be too hard to deal with at the time so instead we just shut them out. This is kind of hard for me to admit, but please stay with me here. Recently I found out that I had unearthed that I used to…sorry, this is kind of hard to me to say…that I used to tap dance.

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